The Eazy Breezy!

The Eazy Breezy is carefully curated to be an entire skincare routine in one bottle. Revolutionary to the world of skincare, this technology cannot be found anywhere else in the world and will leave you feeling like a million bucks without costing a million bucks. Taking a shower is convenient and something we all do on the daily, now imagine your shower hosting your skincare routine and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth? You've just unlocked a new way to take care of your skin while being proactive.

The best part?

Our carefully chosen and professionally compiled list of ingredients will have the Eazy Breezy analysing your skin and doing exactly what you need it to. Gone are the days of spending money on skincare that doesn't work. The Eazy Breezy works for you specifically. 

Not just another soap!

Why buy the Eazy Breezy?

What makes it so special?

  • Our ingredients analyse your skin and makes sure to work for you
  • Hyaluronic acid moisturises your skin to reduce the need for body lotion or even take it away completely
  • It is easy and convenient for men
  • It smells good, but is naturally fragranced. 
  • Oraganic and Vegan

How to use?

When taking a shower, ensure your face and body is wet before adding one pump into your hands. Emuslify it and make sure to properly work it onto your face. Do not rinse. Take 1-5 pumps onto your sponge/loofah and work it into a foam. Wash your body as usual and then rinse.Rinse your face and step out of the shower feeling how your skin has been transformed.

Say goodbye to:

Skincare products not working for you.Spending millions on many productsNot having time for skincareSkin problems

Some FAQ

Will it help with my strawberry legs?

Yes, the Eazy Breezy has been designed to calm the skin and make for a pleasurable shave experience.

Will it help with redness?

Yes, the Eazy Breezy has been designed to aid with your skin needs and when paired with our Dermasave facewash, will eliminate redness.

Does the Eazy Breezy take away acne scars?

The eazy Breezy will need time to work, but due to it being natural, the answer is yes. Just be patient and consistent.

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